Multifl0w In the Press - "This Is How Multitasking Should Work On the iPhone"

The super press geeks at caught wind of our app a day after its release and wrote an excellent article about it. Read more here.

Digit Magazine - "Jailbroken iPhones get awesome multi-tasking via Multifl0w app", the online version of the Digit magazine with over 200,000 readers worldwide thought multifl0w was a much needed multi-tasking app for the iPhone. Read more here.

Engadget - "Multifl0w project teaches Apple a thing or two about iPhone multitasking"

Engadget Mobile, a gadget super-blog, wrote about our app a week after its release. They brought up a good point: why doesn't the iPhone OS let a user multitask by default? Read more here.

Bloggers talk about Multifl0w

A quick query of google blog search reveals over 20k bloggers are talking about multifl0w! Blogs including iPhone Freak, The iPhone Blog, and Redmond Pie are convincing readers that jailbreaking your iPhone just to use this app is worth it!

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