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15:53 EST 8-22-2010: Version 2.0 submitted for review. Tons of new features + compatibility with iOS4 and the iPad!

17:59 EST 4-19-2010: A picture of an early Multifl0w beta running on a jailbroken iPad has been posted on Engadget, bottom picture:

16:13 EST 12-20-2009: Version 1.3 submitted for review. Even better memory management (much better), current app is now shown, "zoom in" animation on open, bottom bar gone.

21:10 EST 12-04-2009: Multifl0w now uses much less memory, has more bug fixes, crashes much less, and has a close out system.

21:59 EST 11-22-2009: Multifl0w just went live on Rock!

18:57 EST 11-22-2009: Working out the details of getting multifl0w on Rock tonight. No contact from Saurik.

03:06 EST 11-22-2009: Never mind that, I've got something. multifl0w might be on Rock tomorrow. Maybe. (Saurik hasn't contacted me back yet)

02:11 EST 11-22-2009: Anyone want to make a logo/icon for multifl0w? If you do, show me on twitter! :)

18:04 EST 11-21-2009: I have sent emails to both the Cydia Store and Rock Your Phone.

Download the multifl0w iPhone application from the Cydia Store!
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