Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multifl0w?

Multifl0w is a multitasking interface for jailbroken iPhones. It was originally created for 3.1.2, but after Apple released iOS4, there was still high demand for an alternative solution. Multifl0w was originally a cards-style interface similar to that seen on Palm's WebOS, but Multifl0w 2.0 is an Exposé-like interface. It was entirely rewritten for speed, performance, reliability, and for iOS4, iPad, and iPhone 4.

How can I get Multifl0w? How much does it cost?

Multfl0w is available for jailbroken iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads through the Cydia Store. The application costs $4.99.

Will it work on my iPhone 4 or 3GS?

Yes! It has been tested up to version 4.0.1.

Will it work on my iPad!?

Yes! It has been tested up to version 3.2. (It should work on all 3.2.X).

Will it work on my older iPhone (2G/3G) or iPod touch (1G/2G)?

Yes! However, these devices have much slower processors, so the experience isn't as good as on a newer device. Although Multifl0w will work on these devices, it is recommended that you use faster devices for a better user experience.

I bought Multifl0w before the Exposé update was released. Do I have to buy it again?

No, you do not need to buy the application again. Free updates!! :)

Why did you change it to Exposé? I want my cards back!

The cards style interface worked well, but there was still room for improvement. To switch to a new app in a cards style interface, 3 things needed to be done: Open, then swipe, then tap. Why not make it faster and have all of the open apps visible at the same time? In an Exposé interface, 2 actions can switch apps: Open, then tap. This makes more sense; all apps are visible at the same time, and it only takes one tap to switch to another app. Thus, the Exposé-like interface was created. On Mac OSX, Exposé has been extremely useful and popular, and I believe people will find it useful on iOS devices also.

How does Multifl0w incorporate with Apple's multitasking on iOS4?

This was a difficult problem to solve, because there are so many different possible solutions. So what's the answer? Provide as many different customization options as possible so that it's easy for everyone to have the backgrounding style they want. Multifl0w used in conjunction with Backgrounder should be able to provide you with the options that suite your preferences. Using Multifl0w without Backgrounder on iOS4 will function like Apple's switcher, apps stay "open" in memory (although not actually running). Using Multifl0w without Backgrounder on 3.1.x is not advised, because apps will be closed as soon as they are exited. However, Multifl0w does not force Backgrounder to be installed on any OS version for maximum flexibility.

Can I use both Multifl0w and Apple's switcher together?

Yes, you can. Just set Multifl0w's activation method to something other than Double-Press Home, and you will still be able to use both together.

I'm confused about what is supposed to be still running and what isn't. Can you explain how this thing is supposed to work?

Using Multifl0w without Backgrounder:
- apps updated for iOS4 will background with Apple's method
- apps not updated for iOS4 will terminate
- you cannot control when apps will background

Using Multifl0w with Backgrounder (with "Auto Detect" method set):
- apps updated for iOS4 will background with Apple's method ("Native")
- apps not updated for iOS4 will background with the Backgrounder method ("Backgrounder")
- apps will only background when you tell them to background (unless you have "Enable at Launch" set ON)

If I set Multifl0w to activate with double-press home button, how can I turn on or off rotation lock?

With Activator, it is possible for you to set the action that opens Apple's task switcher to any other Activator method, if you assign it to something else then you can still open Apple's switcher to get to the iPod controls and Rotation Lock.

If I try to open iPod Controls on my lockscreen, Multifl0w opens. I want it to open iPod Controls. What's wrong?

In Activator's settings you must have somehow set Multifl0w to open on the lockscreen. To turn this off, open the Settings app, then go to Activator -> At Lock Screen -> and then Home Button Double Press and unassign Multifl0w.

I'm not able to open Multifl0w in Cydia. What's wrong?

The developer of Activator has determined that it is unsafe to allow any activator action while in Cydia. When you're in Cydia it's best to just let it do it's thing, so your device doesn't end up with an incomplete install or corrupt files. It's for your device's own good.

Where did the Multifl0w app go?

In versions of Multifl0w for iOS3, Multifl0w had a preferences app where different settings could be changed. Many people found this to be extra clutter on their homescreen, so settings have been moved to the Settings application. You will find all of Multifl0w's settings there.

Feature X doesn't work but the option is turned on. What's wrong?

Some people have had to turn the option off and back on again to get things to work, it should fix your issue.

What does the option "Rearrangeable Tabs" do?

When Multifl0w is open, it is possible to drag the open App tabs around to put them in a different order. If you do not like this feature or find yourself accidentally moving tabs when you didn't intended to, you can turn this option off.

What does the option "Tab on black closes" do?

When Multifl0w is open, you will notice that if you tap on the black part (anywhere besides an app) Multifl0w will either open the last opened app, or will fade away to your homescreen. If you do not like this feature, you can turn this option off and tapping in the black area will not do anything.

I keep hearing about some kind of 9 app limit. What's the deal there?

Multifl0w does not limit the number of apps that can be running at the same time. It does, however, only show up to 9, because the tabs would be too small otherwise. I'd like to find a solution so that the apps are comfortably big enough, but also all still quickly accessible. Some people have suggested scrolling, however, this would conflict with the re-arrangeable tabs feature because it would be impossible to distinguish between a touch that is intended to scroll, and a touch that is intended to re-arrange the tabs. If anyone has a great idea for a solution, please let me know!

I have multiple iDevices or I bought Multifl0w before. How can I get it on my new iDevice?

Once you've purchased a license for any paid Cydia package, you'll be able to install it on several devices. Just authenticate with Cydia using the same method that you used when you originally purchased the app.

I respring and all the apps in Multifl0w are gone, but still in Apple's switcher dock. Multifl0w is broken, what's wrong?

Multifl0w is not broken. Multilfl0w stores all the app snapshots in SpringBoard's memory, so when you respring, they're all lost (the snapshots, that is). When you start opening apps again, Multifl0w will add them. Yes, that might mean that some apps stay in memory after you respiring, so I suggest setting Apple's switcher to another activation method so you can forcibly remove them from memory if you so desire, however, iOS is smart enough to do that for you if you start running low. (So you can use only Multifl0w and your device will still work great).

I want Multifl0w but I'm not sure about jailbreaking. What is it and will it break my phone?

Factory shipped, the iPhone will only run code with Apple's signature. "Jailbreaking" allows you to run code on your iPhone that has not been signed by Apple, thus allowing you to run cool programs like Multifl0w and Backgrounder to enhance the abilities of your iPhone. If you jailbreak and have any problems at all, or decide that you want to restore it to a factory state, just plug it into iTunes and click restore. We've jailbroken many iPhones multiple times, and we've never regretted doing it a single time.

How do I jailbreak?

Easy, visit greenpois0n.com.

I have this awesome idea for Multifl0w or another jailbreak tweak, will you make it?

Maybe! Send me an email if you have ideas or suggestions. Use the email listed in the question above.

I just downloaded Multifl0w, what do I do? How do I use it?

Multifl0w is an interface for showing apps running in the background. In order to run apps in the background, you can (by default) open an app and hold down the home button until you see a popup that says "Backgrounding Enabled". If you open Multifl0w with an app running in the background (open Multifl0w with double-tap home button by default) then Multifl0w will appear and show you all of the currently running apps. If you are running no apps in the background, then Multifl0w will open with nothing showing.

Should I call it Multifl0w, Multiflow, or Multi flow?

Well, we call it Multifl0w. But you can call it the app that does that thing that helps me multitask, or whatever you like!

Help! I'm still having trouble!

You can email support (at) multifl0w.com for any further questions you may have. I will respond as soon as possible.

Who wrote Multifl0w?

Me! (Aaron Ash). If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm twitter.com/aaronash.

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